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Here we will present information concerning W32.Rontokbro.B@mm and clones.
This info can contain information about removal tools, short info and links to the AV producer who reported the virus.

W32.Rontokbro.B@mm is reported by Symantec.

Created: 2005-10-04
Short Info: W32.Rontokbro.B@mm is a mass-mailing worm that causes system instability.
Removal tool:
If you have been infected We would recommend that you perform an online scan or buy an antivirusprogram. Here is more information about antivirusprograms:
Antivirus programs

More info:W32.Rontokbro.B@mm @ Symantec

Information concerning W32.Rontokbro.B@mm comes from third party unless.
Information is gathered automatically and therefore there might contain minor inconsistencies.
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