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Here we will present information concerning Hidrag and clones.
This info can contain information about removal tools, short info and links to the AV producer who reported the virus.

Hidrag is reported by F-Secure.

Created: 2005-12-13
Short Info: Hidrag is a memory resident Win32 virus. It creates a dropper for itself in Windows directory and sets a startup key for that file in the Registy. Being active the virus looks for EXE files on all available drives and infects them.
Removal tool:
If you have been infected We would recommend that you perform an online scan or buy an antivirusprogram. Here is more information about antivirusprograms:
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More info:Hidrag @ F-Secure
Aliases:Virus.Win32.Hidrag, Virus.Win32.Hidrag.a,

Information concerning Hidrag comes from third party unless.
Information is gathered automatically and therefore there might contain minor inconsistencies.
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